Canada’s Love for Attending Hockey Competitions

Most major forms of sport are popular in Canada, but the most important and loved sport of all is ice hockey. Not only is it enjoyed by Canadians for watching as well as playing, but it also stands as an important factor in the country’s historical culture.

With the popularity of the game throughout the country, this article looks at the cultural influence and popularity it has on the local communities and how the sport has bought people together.

It’s part of the Culture

Throughout the country’s history, the game of hockey has been active in society. Even before Canada became an official country in 1867, the sport was actively played. Looking back at communities’ games and sports in history, one can see where the sport got its foundation form.

It can mostly be traced back to stick-and-ball sports, which were played in Europe before the late 1800s. One of the best examples of historical versions of hockey includes ‘bandy’ which were played by the British ever since the game has been evolving and developed by Canada to become the great sport enjoyed by millions known as Hockey.

The Sport’s Indigenous Influence

The indigenous people who populated Canada for centuries already created the foundations for what Ice Hockey is known for today. The Mi’kmaq people who came from the modern Atlantic Provinces participated in these games by using sticks made by the tribes with wood.

The skates that are available today are still known to be in close resemblance to the historical versions.

Start of The National Hockey League (NHL)

The NHL was established by Canadians in 1875 and is one of the proudest moments for the country regarding modern ice hockey. The first competition also played in Canada in the same year at the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal. This was the first time that the game was being played in a competitive manner that saw a future for the game as a professional sport.

Throughout history, the game of hockey was developed and modified to create the best version of the game as a professional sport. The sport gained popularity in Canada since it was established and continued to draw more fans.

Hockey is now played with leagues and championship games for 10 months of each year and draws fans from all over the country to each event.