Most Popular Sports in Canada

Canada is known for being big on sport. The country is dedicated to their sports community and host regular competition leagues and events right through the year with a variety of sports.

The country’s love for sport does not only focus on professional teams; it’s known for over 1.3 million Canadians taking part in recreational sport. Sports are the country’s favourite pastime, with many fans and players taking their sports seriously without being professionals.

This is an overview of the most popular sports in Canada.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is by far Canada’s most popular sport, with over a million fans who also take part in the sport recreationally. Part of the reason for the popularity is due to the country’s climate, which makes the sport a hear the round playable game. The country is known to have an enormously large number of NHL teams clocking in at 7 teams.

The National Hockey League teams are situated in Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and Montreal and are watched by the whole country as it stands as the national winter sport.


Lacrosse is known as Canada’s national summer sport, and although it does not have the same following as hockey, it works similarly. The sport has been actively played by Canadians since the 17th century. It’s a fast-paced sport and is recognized as an Olympic sport.

With almost no support of the game outside of Canada, it is seen as a truly local-born sport for Canadians to enjoy and has been the top rival in the sport for many countries around the world, with teams training hard to be among the best countries for Lacrosse.


Baseball is another popular sport in Canada with a large following. The major league team of the country has won several important championships and possesses some of the biggest stars in the game.

With the sport being watched predominantly for its professional leagues, it’s also seen as a popular sport among locals for recreational play.

The sports on this list are seen as the most popular professional sports to play in Canada, with high regard to the leagues and competitions that run throughout the year. Ice Hockey being the most viewed, attended, and played sport in the country and being invented by a Canadian proves just how passionate Canada is towards sport.