Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Canada

Online sports betting platforms are varied in-game assortments and betting options. When it comes to sports betting, it all depends on the type of sport you want to bet on. Some gamblers just want to bet on their favourite sports, while others want to bet on the sports where the most money is up for grabs.

With some sports being easier to bet on, it’s important to research all the popular sports in Canada if you are a beginner in sports betting. With online gambling becoming more popular each year, many casinos provide quick access to the winning funds making it easier to draw winnings with sports betting and other forms of online gambling.

These are some of the most popular sports to bet on in Canada.

Ice Hockey

With Ice Hockey standing as Canada’s national winter sport and the most popular sport overall, it’s no wonder it’s the sport that most sports fans in the country bets on. In the 10 months of each year where the NHL is active, the sport received more bets than any other in Canada.


Moneyline betting on basketball is a popular way of sports betting in Canada, with the sport also being invented by James Naismith, who was a Canadian. The sport sees many bettors joining in on the action with each basketball league tournament.


Baseball is one of the sports that have the most bettors in the world. With Lacrosse being the national summer sport for Canada, baseball still takes the league as the most popular sport in the country other than Ice Hockey.

These are the three most popular sports in Canada to bet on and provide a great chance to take part in upcoming championship games, tournaments, and other sporting events by adding more excitement.